Kamis, 09 September 2010

Fei Yu Ching Still Existed

Chu Mei Feng - Again applause Entertainment fulfill his promise to continue bringing top artists. This time the singer from Taiwan, Fei Yu Ching, which will hit the field at the upcoming October 23.

Fei Yu Ching's name has actually been no stranger in the Mandarin music scene. Born in 1955 has been active in music since the age of 17 years. His own music career started when he followed the singing contest and won first prize.

Finally, he hired a singer still in the CTV. Fei Yu Ching sing a folk song known candidate. Even in the pop music world, he referred to as a leader in reviving the traditional style of Mandarin pop songs in the XX Century. The song contains the traditional Chinese style which is very thick and has a strong and important influence in all areas inhabited by people hard.

Since managed to hold his own concert, Fei Yu Ching who had nothing to do with the image of this idol artist draw the attention of many people. Many of the leading music critics each to comment, they stated that the ride leaves Fei Yu Ching is a sensational topic. Which certainly, a very positive effect on the development of Mandarin music scene.

Xu Xiao Feng (Responsible for Lian Meng Yuan Chuang and entertainment company Jiu Hua Zhou O) expressed his compliments to the appearance of Fei Yu Ching. According to him, there is rarely capable of maintaining old singer singing style and the same style for so long. There are no signs of changes in herself Fei Yu Ching.

This matching is also presented by Qin Jie (the leading music critic). Hematnya, each generation has a right to enjoy their own music. Occurrences Fei Yu Ching with the ability to hang on is because of strong will and his own efforts that address the needs of the market.

Even General Manager for record company Taihe Rye Co., Ltd.. named Song To recognize the ability of Fei Yu Ching again able to increase the entertainment world that feels shallow and floating.

Through songs, old songs, Fei Yu Ching is considered as a strong singer who is very determined to pursue perfection in the art. And this is the treasure which is owned by this generation's chance to be warned-warned at the same time to the music players that are still their music is still shallow and floating. Fei Yu Ching had also given the title The King of the Golden Bell because of his performance which won Best Male Singer Award at the Golden Bell Awards in 1984. And, in fact, other than as a singer, Fei Yu Ching is also active as a TV presenter.

Kelihaiannya brought an event no doubt. Especially when collaborating with Zhang Fei (Fei Yu Ching's brother) at the Long Xiong Hu Di (The Fantastic Brothers). Yu Ching Fei and Zhang Fei himself each earned Xiao Fei Ge and Ge because of their cohesiveness and harmony in bringing the event.

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