Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

Free Roaming in 7 Countries

XL BlackBerry Onyx users who were traveling abroad, now do not have to pay more for roaming charges. At least in seven countries, XL release BlackBerry roaming tariffs for its customers during the first few days.

This offer is valid from 13 October to 31 December 2010. Seven countries apply for roaming on operators who are members of the trends Axiata Group's international network and their respective XL Malaysia (Celcom), Singapore (M1), Cambodia (Hello), Bangladesh (Robin), Sri Lanka (Dialog), Hong Kong (SmartTone ), and Japan (Softbank).

"Customers XL BlackBerry Onyx will be greatly assisted by the new promo is considering the need for mobility and roaming charges are mild," said Director of Commerce XL, Joy Wahjudi, Wednesday (10/13/2010). However, this promo is only valid for prepaid customers who signed up for BlackBerry One monthly and Xplor postpaid subscribers.

For BlackBerry One XL customers who use prepaid cards can be automatically enjoy free international roaming facility after turning USD monthly service. 99.000/bulan. Customers will not cost anything to activate the international roaming service. Free roaming facility is valid for first 3 days in the country visited and to a maximum of 3 times the visits in the destination country within 30 days or a month. For day-to-4 and so on at each visit will be charged normal roaming rates.

As for customers who use a BlackBerry XL postpaid cards, international free roaming facility can be enjoyed for 9 days within 30 days in 7 countries included in the list this free program of international roaming. For day-to-10 and so on, will be charged normal roaming rates.

Until now the number of BlackBerry subscribers XL has reached nearly 600 thousand active customers, supported by capacity bandwidth directly to the RIM BlackBerry (Research in Motion) through a dual carrier partners of 800 Mbps.

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