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Sabrina Pai

Sabrina Pai - Kevin's three young children, Ben and Aan are infatuated with a famous advertisement star in Japan, Maria Ozawa suddenly surprised when I saw the announcement in his idol's personal blog artist. In his blog, written when she was going to Jakarta to give prizes to the winners directly quiz. Aan Ben and immediately the spirit and force Kevin to pick up Mary at the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport turned out so many have waited for the arrival of Maria, but when she unexpectedly came to Taiwan at the exit, they all think she is Maria Ozawa and instantly became seizure fans. Kevin, Ben and Aan immediately carried off the girl who was named Noodles Bie Yao was out the airport. In the middle of the road they finally realized that if they bring the girl Maria Ozawa was not that they've been waiting for, but they do not want to waste such a beautiful girl.

Although initially Bie Mie Yao angry with the three youths accused as kidnappers, they finally decided to bring it to the party girl Jessica Taiwan. Jessica is the girl Kevin coveted, but girlfriend Jessica, Mike became a barrier Kevin. Until finally Mike challenged Kevin if you can not bring a pretty girl to a party, then Kevin should stay away from Jessica's life.

Miyabi kidnap movie was opened to the atmosphere of a typical town with stunning views of Tokyo's crowded Shibuya. After that, the figure of the most anticipated, Maria Ozawa came to the scene directly in front of the laptop computer in a room and continue the scene with a bath in the bathtub. For the men do not immediately think naughty with these scenes, since all who performed in the early scenes are a natural phenomena, far from pornography is often rumored lately.

Here's an interesting side of kidnap movie Miyabi. In the film shows how Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi show talent acting like famous movie stars. He served as Japan's top ad stars with enough natural, no-frills shows the curves of her naked body. Maybe this is the first film to be the beginning you see the real figures and Miyabi acting on the big screen too right?

Maria Ozawa's actions not only at the center of attention in the film claim Findo Purnowo HW, you can also see the stars of Taiwan, which acts as Sabrina Pai Yao Bie Mie. Action is quite entertaining with silly scenes despite the limitations of language, and you made like to see the figure of Maria Ozawa in Sabrina Pai. Not only Sabrina Pai will churn your stomach, there are still three young children, Nicky Tirta, Kevin Julio, and Hardi-Fadillah with silliness silliness that will invite laughter.

Surely not just a mere comedy offered by Maxima Pictures. She has also tried to abduct a moral message that you can apply in everyday life. Starting how to keep trying with the ideals who want to achieve, until the message is not always be partying with booze. So, there's nothing to worry about is not it?

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