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Contoh Yamaha Baru Ec-03

Yamaha Ec-03 - Like not to be outdone by Honda which had already issued an electric motor called EV-neo, Yamaha immediately followed by introducing the electric motor Anyar those named EC-03.

Even though came later, Yamaha electric scooter has a highly ambitious target which is the market leader in electric motors by 2020.

As quoted by Reuters on Friday (07/16/2010) Yamaha's latest electric motor is planned to be marketed on 1 September 2010. Taiwan and European markets will begin to get the EC-03 in 2011.

To start targeting to sell 1000 Yamaha EC-03 unit in the Japanese market.


1.080 mm
110 mm ground clearance
Height 745 mm
Weight 56 kg
Mileage once the contents of the battery 43 km with an average speed of 30 km per hour
Power unit type AC synchronous electric motor
Rated output 0.58kW
Maximum output 1.4kW (1.9PS)
Maximum torque 9.6Nm (0.98kgfm)
Battery Type
Lithium-ion battery
Battery voltage / capacity 50V 14Ah (1hr)
Charging the battery 6 hours
Source Yamaha

Yamaha has ever actually introduced a concept motorlistrik in 1991 at the Tokyo Motor Show with a Frog but only produce the first electric motor in 2002 with a Yamaha Passol.

Unfortunately, this bike is not successful in the market, because after birth Passol-L and EC-02 in the year 2005, a certain model of motor scooter must accept the bitter truth was stopped production in 2006.

Now with the birth of this EC-2003, Yamaha had hoped the incident did not happen again bitter and instead make a tuning fork manufacturer berlambang the electric motor market leader with a target the European market in 2011 and Taiwan in the future.

Yamaha is also targeting China as another major market, because the country's bamboo curtain has a large market. It is estimated that China's market can absorb 20 million units of electric motors.

Yamaha EC-03 itself is strengthened by the battery 50V from Sanyo, which was then supported by a technology called Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU). With these technologies, Yamaha EC-03 claims can produce force up to 1.9 hp and 7.1 ft-lb torque and running as far as 42.9 km with a maximum speed of 29.9 km / hr.

With this capability, the EC-03 is only equivalent to a capacity of 50 cc motorcycles, this is certainly not qualified. Especially when charging the battery still quite a long time and reached six hours.

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