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Agnes Monica Artis Cantik

Agnes Monica - A number of cellular operators in Indonesia began to lower the subscription fee for access to his BlackBerry service. Is this the impact of intense competition to acquire new customers, or because of market saturation BlackBerry begin?

Agnes - Recently, the Axis of Natrindo Phones Unlimited BlackBerry tariff lowered hers from the rate of $ 120 thousand per month to USD 79 thousand. Head of Corporate Communications Axis, Anita Avianty, ensuring that the tariff reduction reaches 33.3% it was not just a promotional fare.

"This is a flat rate. All existing and new customers can enjoy unsurpassed service at the rate of the Axis," he explained to detikINET, Monday (05/07/2010).

Anita said, of a total of six million mobile subscribers served by the Axis, there are currently 50 thousand customers using BlackBerry access. Axis customers are served through the 4500 base transceiver station (BTS) in Java.

For existing customers in Sumatra, the Axis network rented property Axiata XL. "This July we will also open the service in Kalimantan and Sulawesi," adds Anita.

BlackBerry subscription rates downward trend began digencarkan since Hutchison CP Telecom operators slam BlackBerry tariffs for Tri (3). Through advertisements, starring Mariah Carey, one of the top country singers, Tri release rate unlimited USD 88 thousand.

Shortly thereafter, many operators are competing to eventually lower tariffs his BlackBerry. Starting from XL and Telkomsel. XL lowered the monthly subscription fee of USD 150 thousand to USD 99 thousand. But it was only promotional rates.

While SingTel has twice lowered tariffs. From the previous USD 180 thousand to USD 150 thousand, is now the BlackBerry Unlimited Telkomsel lowered again to $ 70 thousand per month for the second month tariff, third, and fourth after the subscription package of USD 120 thousand in the first month.

BlackBerry tariff reduction telematics operator observers had criticized Ventura Elisawati because it was feared could impact on service quality degradation. "Rates are cheap surefire way to attract new customers. After getting a lot of customers, the service can be expected to be lelet. Understandably, the BlackBerry enough to consume bandwidth greedily."

But marketing analysts Thunder Siboro assess the operator's strategy of reducing the fair's BlackBerry tariffs imposed on the telecommunications industry. "Operators are often required to work and show good performance each quarter. And the rate reduction is the easiest step, do not take much effort to think a lot," Thunder said.

For large operators such as Telkomsel, XL, and Indosat, the tariff reduction had been duly carried out since long. But for small operators who still like Tri and Axis, other observers said, than thinking about their customer acquisition is suggested to improve network capacity.

"The market is not saturated, the acquisition can still be. But the most unfortunate if the small players chimed in just a price war to acquire as many customers only.'s Better to play in applications that have value for money while improving the network, especially for indoor coverage," he said .

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