Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Bermain Prediksi Bola

Prediksi Kamerun Vs Belanda - Dutch national team coach Bert van Marwijk promised to give the main venue for Arjen Robben. One place that includes the party last Group F against Cameroon at the Stadium of Cape Town, Cape Town, Thursday (24 / 6), or Friday early morning hrs.

Kamerun Vs Belanda - Oranje star has never competed in South Africa due to a hamstring injury in the warm-up matches. Although without Robben, the Dutch successfully reaped two victories over Japan and the Danes who made them qualify for the big 16th round. Group F top spot almost in hand, and Van Marwijk could use it as a venue for warm-up match for Robben.

Yet Van Marwijk did not want to rush Robben will determine whether or not playable. Bayern Munich winger this readiness will be evaluated until evening, limit the inclusion of the composition of players last time before boarding action.

"If he is in fine condition he would get a major place in the squad," said Van Marwijk. This 58-year-old coach had to calculate the risk. Robben lowering good for preparations to welcome the games in the knock-out phase. If lowered, injury and Robben could be redundant later relapsed.

Van Marwijk who would not want to graph the performance of the children were safe even though students walked down to the next round. Cameroon cons for him that was certainly thrown the party remains important. "Permanent vigilance must be maintained. That was essentially the opposite party in Cameroon, "he said....

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